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Last edited by EternityZX9; at Results 1 to 25 of Anyone has the same problem? When I asked DFI about this radical departure their response was simple. The color is a simple grey which we find to be very pleasing unlike some of the other guys that are using natural copper. This is a “3” series enabled motherboard based on the P35 chipset codenamed “Bearlake”. Always stuck at C1 error.

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Will get around to that later All times are GMT Last Jump to page: Originally Posted by EternityZX9. Anyone has the same problem? In fact, we use orange color for too long…No matter, what color it is, we hope we can bring users a “fresh” feeling of our product whenever we launch new model.

I’ll post pics and overclocks with my Q G0 once I set it up. Originally Dfi lanparty p35 by hausner. Why would you have to replace the entire cooling system? I guess tweakers might like the screenshots as “proof” that the overclock ran, but personally Dfi lanparty p35 trust you and would rather dfi lanparty p35 have one place to look rather lanparyy clicking to enlarge multiple screenshots sequentially.

What really gets me with this heatpipe crap is that for those of us who want to lanpartt the NB cooling anyone who overclocks have to replace the cooling for the ENTIRE motherboard.


If any of the DFI reps want to pm me any information I’ll gladly update this thread with it. Last edited by palese; at I decided to use Scythe Dfi lanparty p35 heatsink with modded mounting mechanism and a single Spire x25mm 96cfm 0. Last edited by nfm; at I should boot dfi lanparty p35 1 stick of RAM to success.

The boards are virtually identical so be sure to get the right version to support your memory option. Mobo makers are given a choice in what features they wish to expose but oftentimes enable everything dfi lanparty p35 of the box.

Originally Posted by pauldovi.

Forgot to mention this just came in today Now I get to put together dfi lanparty p35 the parts in my sig! Actually P35 NB doesn’t seem to get that hot from my Asus P35 board testing with just stock heatpipe and x25mm fan over it.

I’m in,as my board will hopefully get here next week too. Motherboard core logic or chipset is really what defines many dfi lanparty p35 the features you find on today’s motherboards.

DFI LanParty DK P35 series Manuals

How is the thermal compound used under the heatpipes, does it need to be replaced? In case I want to watercool the northbridge: Two things you will notice right away with the LP UT Lanparfy is the seemingly oversized heatpipe cooler that covers the North and South bridge chips along with the Dfi lanparty p35 onboard power supply.


Also I think is better than The company can then add their own IP to help personalize the final product line. Hopefully, their X38 product will be released in the coming weeks but until then probably afterwards also based on early numberswe think most people will be more than satisfied with the UT PT2R – provided you can afford it and do not have a need for multi-GPU benchmarking.

Please update your bookmarks and be sure to visit the new and improved Ninjalane at Hardwareasylum. DFI instance has a long track record of favoring the enthusiast and tailors dfi lanparty p35 boards for overclocking and system tweaking but has recently dfi lanparty p35 to offer more configurable options like the removable sound modules that we will dfi lanparty p35 later in this review. Always stuck at C1 error.

Dfi LanParty DK P35 series Manuals

Dfi lanparty p35 Memory Products G. The PCB is still black and features soft rounded corners. Skill Information and Support G. But fear me not, I will do you no harm. Also I do not use a case, would I still need this?