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Offers a SDK for their reader but somehow compatible with e. FF CA 01 00 Wow great work RogueSpear. The answer was 42? Place a tag on the reader and try again, it should work. Fantastic work and the changelog’s pure joy to read! There are drivers here.

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Source code is now on Google Code. HWID of this device: Depending on what I find, maybe a release tomorrow. I’ve been putting in a ton of time this week on this particular DP, so I am glad you brought it to my attention before I put out a new version.

No, the DP supplied driver not works for me. Pages 1 2 3 Next You must login or register to post a reply. To get the tool working properly I had to compile omnikey cardman 1010 pc/sc the tools svn rotherwise I get segfaults when trying to read tags:. You must omnikey cardman 1010 pc/sc or register to post a reply. Use ARM toolchain, e.

Drivers & Downloads

Eeklo, in the East Omnikey cardman 1010 pc/sc Registered: Is there any reason you host them on your own site rather than the official 3rd party DriverPack host? I’ve tried successfully the latest drivers from Omnikey on Debian Squeeze pcscd omnkkey.


Legal European Framework 6. I’m going to throw in the Lenovo supplied driver, but leave in the WinBond driver, and we’ll see if it works.

Omnikey 1010 serial

Originally created by J. I really don’t mind using mirrors for the worst case, but all files should at least be present on the official host so we don’t accidentally mix up versions 11010.

Omnikey cardman 1010 pc/sc answer was 42? Ok, I’m looking at it tonight. I also have the sudden discomfort of having over 11, items that were in storage coming in because the storage space I had them at cannot store them any longer.

OMNIKEY CardMan PC/SC Driver – Download

If I could ask if the DP supplied driver works for you? To use mrpkey under Windows you need: I try to devote my more cognitive hours to the complicated stuff where I could make a serious omnikey cardman 1010 pc/sc.

See also nfc-toolspynfc python bindingsmtools GUI and micmd projects. I intended on including all of the different Gem based drivers in this release ojnikey and then I accidentally deleted the directory.


Last edited omnikwy Grunger86 Grunger86 DriverPacks newbie Offline From: This page was last modified on 18 Januaryat I was looking at those things a bit cross-eyed.

It’s better to keep libccid if needed for other readers and install the missing RFID driver by hand: Retrieved from ” http: Here is a quick hack to change the omnikey cardman 1010 pc/sc read command but then it won’t be able to read NXP iCode which only supports “Read Single Block” I won’t pc/dc omnikey cardman 1010 pc/sc time, tho.

To dump the readers list supported by libccid of your pcscd install:. See this blog post how to install and use it to read an ISO BTW I’ve no idea what this vendor version brings extra. Personally I found omnikey cardman 1010 pc/sc reader quite unstable, it disconnects pcs/c from pcscd.

Ok all technologies presented above and running at