Login Join for Free. Supported Operating Systems Supported Features. The most important tools have their own buttons, arranged in a vertical row to the left of the preview window. SilverFast SE Plus 8. Multi-exposure is toggled to either on or off, and does not appear to have any user settings. The unit itself is constructed from high quality plastics attached to a metal sub-frame. Sponsored Read Full Review.

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I am quite satisfied. SilverFast offers what it calls a Workflow Pilot to help guide new users through the scan process. Scan quality was near excellent in my tests, with the scanner handling skin plustek 8100 well, lpustek fine detail appropriately for plustek 8100 claimed resolution, and maintaining detail based on shading in both dark and light areas of the image.

It looks like the same software with each: Unsharp Mask has been added.

Plustek Opticfilm Film Scanner Review

I’m also considering the two scanners. System Requirements SilverFast 8. Being pustek x x mm in size, the scanner’s footprint is quite small, although you will want to allow extra space either side for the plastic film plustek 8100 to slide through the scanner.

Plustek 8100 Area W x L Scanner Accessory Scanner Accessory.

Plustek vs Plustek i Ai | Photography Forums

Not perfect but a lot better than the original. Any more thoughts on plustek 8100 topic? The hardware-based dust and scratch correction iSRD delivers truly amazing results, but the processing time per slide rises from less than 1 min to about 4 min. Join For Free Upload photos, chat with photographers, win prizes and much more.


The Plustek site neatly explains the differences between models. plustek 8100

Compared with the conventional flatbed scanners, the Plustek OpticFilm provides plustek 8100 much smaller footprint. It’s one of the most capable choices available, but it’s hard to learn how to use to its best advantage.

Plustek 8100 vs Plustek 8200i Ai

The interface has undergone a pretty radical makeover since the program’s previous version — mostly for the better, plustek 8100 some quirks remain. If you opt to enable the scan plustek 8100, a few of the settings can be tweaked individually with pluxtek scan but others cannot, making QuickScan cumbersome to use, pluustek kind of defeats the very point plustek 8100 1800 feature.

The difference in colour cast between the two scanners is more noticeable than between ME being on or off. It would have been a better idea to put the hinges on the longer side, at olustek from a handling point of view.

Silverfast is quick and easy. I will recommend to a friend. On paper, this feature allows the program to produce cleaner-looking scans. Plustek Plustek has developed a range of flatbed scanners, book scanners and film scanners. Installing the drivers on both systems did not happen smoothly first time round, and required updating from within device manager.


Share This Page Tweet. WorkflowPilot – a step-by-step assistant for every workflow Preview Concept – immediate control of any image adjustment Multi-Tasking – concurrent scanning and optimizing Multi-Exposure – increases dynamic range for maximum details Negafix plustek 8100 a convenient and professional plustek 8100 to convert negatives into brilliant positives.

This is plustek 8100 cleaned-up version. Each has its dedicated button on the front panel of the scanner but both can also be initiated from the computer as well. I’ll get the cheaper vrsion.

The new user interface is more logical and streamlined than the old one. SilverFast 8 has been around since Augustand adapted and available for the Plustek Opticfilm range since March LenShepherd and 8 others plustek 8100 on this.

plustek 8100

Rated at 7, pixels-per-inch ppi optical resolution. For example, I scanned some badly plustek 8100 PanF and got a lot of sharpness out of it.