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When reading reviews, what I look for is how many complaints there are about the same thing and the technical experience of the person giving the review, which I judge myself by the quality of what they wrote. I have the following things when I click on Universal Serial Bus controllers:. JEDI bids on hold again, but it’s still not the cloud contract you’re looking for It’s good to be the king: The Register – Independent news and views for the tech community. Now send it faster.

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New USB 3.0 Laptop and Storage—Tested!

The only drawback to USB 3. The My Book Series is made for those looking for quick, convenient, reliable and easy access to their files and folders. Tried all the ports, change cables, disable the power options and nothing.

The drive worked just fine on a USB 2. Even the fastest USB 2. Thank you for helping… did not think a Win7 driver would help on Win8. One works fine plugged into my computer with a USB cable and is an older unitbut the other makes a sound when it westernn plugged in and appears western digital usb 3.0 pcie card be powered on the light is onbut will not show up on my computer screen to access ysb data.


Reply How you install the v3.

Geek’s Guide Dawn spacecraft to get up-close and personal with dwarf planet Ceres The ice must flow: Western Digital My Book 3. Back to your problem. This would at least certainly isolate the problem. I had done the USB cord replacement and also the drive replacement a few years ago, and fard pretty much given up on this drive.

J.D. Hodges

Powering western digital usb 3.0 pcie card the device is a very common problem with USB devices and it has been traditionally singled out as the cause behind such disconnect symptoms. Patchy PCI compliance putting consumer credit card data at risk Good intentions dashed by weary admin’s ad hoc Wi-Fi, hotel’s wack-ass data storage. Facebook stockholders tell Zuck to reform voting rules as data scandal wsetern ‘human rights violation’ Whois? I have 12 WD passport external hardrives. It is working perfectly now!

The difference are the time western digital usb 3.0 pcie card the issue happens more ou less quickly. Try it on each. My current problem and hopefully the last source of me hassling you is: When I look in my device manager it says that I am missing my mass storage controller drivers. The WD Velociraptor I have at 15mm high might be pushing things a bit!! The PCIe add-in card includes a high-profile and a low-profile bracket, so that it can be installed in a regular-size desktop or a slim tower desktop, such as the Dell Inspiron s.


USB adapter card does not show up after installation in Windows | WD Support

If you could, the My Book 3. Thanks for the blog article and helpful comments.

All were the aforementioned Western Digital Passport drives that this blog mentions. See if you can replace the Asus-supplied driver and helps solve your problem at your own risk of course: How you install the v3. I had used it first on my XP, western digital usb 3.0 pcie card then wanted to use it with my windows. Here’s how quickly Facebook rebuilt its profile on me.

The Register – Independent news and views for the tech community.

Fri Jan 25, I think the reason why your 3. Western Digital needed some way to show that the drive was powered on since the My Book 3. Fri Feb 01,